Here you can read what is happening in and around the Golden Hill Parker Hotel

Our Public Works

13 Jan 2022

The Golden Hill Parker Hotel cares a lot about the community and thus we have recently undertaken some projects to s...

Infrastructure Upgrades

26 Oct 2021

We are always busy improving the hotel, in order to give you the best experience possible. We have replaced our ...

Cape Coast Castle - From gold trade to slave trade

24 Aug 2018

Watch this documentary from CNN Africa about the history of slave trade in the Elmina region.

Ghana's Treetop Tightrope on CNN Africa

23 Aug 2018

Watch this documentary from CNN Africa about the Kakum National Park.

Elmina Castle On CNN Africa

21 Aug 2018

Recently CCN Africa made a documentary about the nearby Elmina castle. Watch it below:

Wifi services

08 Mar 2018

Ermatech Global Services from Cape Coast has now finished the installation of WIFI and the INTERNET. That means from ...

At home in Ghana

15 Jan 2018

It is the small things that make you feel at home in Ghana. I have come here for about four years after we bought a h...


17 Nov 2017

Located in a quiet part of Elmina (Bantuma Hills). The new Golden Hill Parker Hotel is the Hotel on the Hills of Bant...

Unfortunately the little chicken...

28 Nov 2016

Unfortunately the little chicken who fall out of the air was not roasted. The goshawks who are circulating above t...

Boa tarde, from a sunny...

20 Jul 2016

Boa tarde, from a sunny and warm Portugal with pictures of my last trip to Ghana two weeks ago. We are really sati...

Ghana trip apil 2016

13 Apr 2016

Goog morning . Last week we returned from Ghana. Enclosed are some pictures of the hotel. It certainly making prog...

My trip to Ghana january 2016

22 Feb 2016

Me mo wu aha, or good afternoon in Fanti (the local language) Please find enclosed some pictures of the last devel...

Ghanareis november 2015

14 Jan 2016

Just back from our last trip to Ghana this year. The next one will be in january. The buildings are almost ready. ...