Boa tarde, from a sunny...

Boa tarde, from a sunny and warm Portugal with pictures of my last trip to Ghana two weeks ago.

We are really satisfied about the progress of the project. Of course it can be faster, but all three of us want to give our creativity free. That means that sometimes things have to be changed or adapt. For the mirrors we made now a wooden frame on which the mirrors are fixed and behind the mirror, around the frame, there is LED lights coming. That means extra sockets etc. Please look at the pictures and we hope that you are as enthousiastic as we are. Also the workers are very proud on their project. Depending our liquidity we are going to buy now the beds, kitchen equipment, lightning, chairs and tables etc. As it goes like we hope it must be possible to open at the end of this year.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

With kindest regards, Frenkel de Greeuw Emmanuel Parker Wright Fir Tiebout