Ghana trip apil 2016

Goog morning .

Last week we returned from Ghana. Enclosed are some pictures of the hotel. It certainly making progress with the tyler, plumber, painters, carpenters, electricians etc. The rainseason is starting now so we bought the last plants and trees we needed. Because the planning is that before the next rainseason in oktober/november the hotel will be open. During this trip our container from China arrived with shist tyles for the lounge, restaurant and terrace of the swimmingpoll. The same day the tyler started with the floor in the lounge, very nice. In the container were also the glass mosaiktyles for the swimmingpool and the complete swimmingpoolequipment. The other great event was the wedding from Emmanuel, our friend and partner in Ghana with 500 guests. A lovelyday from which I will try to send some pictures as well. ~ Have a nice day, Fir and Frenkel GoldenHillParkerHotel