It is always exciting....

the project but also for the decisions we have to made for the finishing. When you look at the enclosed pictures you can see that the structures of all the buildings are ready. The four blocks with, each, four rooms are plastered inside and outside, like the lounge, the restaurant, the residence, storages, reception and segurity. And not to forget the large infinity swimmingpool with a separated childrenpool. The electricians put the finishing touches to the electricity, wifi, TV satellite, telephone for the rooms, exterior lightning etc

All these separated buildings are situated like a compound, all with seaview. Because the hotel is build on a hill from about 50 meters high , there is always a light brise and there are hardly any mosquitos. And that all by a avarage daily temperature of 28 degrees and the beach at 250 metres.

The building is running very well, all thanks to Emmanuel, our Ghanees partner. He speaks the language , literally and figuratively and knows how to deal and motivate the workers. There are no severe problems.

So we wnet home with a good feeling and hope to go back at the end of May.

Fir and Frenkel