My trip to Ghana january 2016

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Me mo wu aha, or good afternoon in Fanti (the local language) Please find enclosed some pictures of the last developments. Although not everybody is coming when he said to come, but still we are satisfied about the progress. The reception is almost ready, all the rooms have been painted, the bathrooms are ready. For the restaurant and lounge we are waiting for the tyles which are on their way from China, as well as the glass-mozaik swimmingpooltyles. Now we are looking for lightning, beds and furniture for the rooms. The wardrooms it the rooms will be open with place for a desk , hanging clothes, shelves, mirror, minibar and safingbox. Like more things , different from the usual wardrobes. The people from the WIFI and satalit TV will start within 4 weeks. Some of the pictures are from workers. One of the boys was so proud on his bike that I have to take a picture of him. Other pictures are of a wedding of one of our carpinters. The project still is a challenge and we think we can open in september/oktober this year. On the 10th of march we will go back, also because our friend and manager Emmanuel is going to marry on the 12 03. Medassi (Thank you), Fir Tiebout GoldenHillParkerHotel