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Unfortunately the little chicken who fall out of the air was not roasted.

The goshawks who are circulating above the site, taking advantage of the hot wind climbing our hill, stole a young chicken somewhere. But is was too heavy and he, or she, have to let it fall. Of course the goshawk came after the chicken but our new little dog called Hill, chased the bird away. Before Hill could take care of it, Joseph, one of our gardenmen, safed the chicken and put it in the rabbiot-hutch, together with 5 beautiful rabbits, from which I am afraid that they will not have the eternal live. Anyway, a dog, a chicken and 5 rabbits are the last acquisitions. They are not avoiding the good progress we made with the total project. Carpenters, painters, plumbers and tylers are finishing their jobs. The pool is ready, just the water is missing, as well as the lounge and the restaurant with the bar. Also the gardens fully growned. Beautiful to see how fast the palm- an other trees and the hedges of the Ficus Benjamin, are growing. Plenty of avogados, papayas, mangos etc

When we open in 6 mounth the guests can enjoy and relax in our well maintained gardens.

And of course our own house/studio was ready and the whole 4 weeks we have been in Ghana we could enjoy the benefits of an own house .

Everybody did and is doing a good job under the inspiring leadership of Emmanuell, who is going to be father in January.

Regards, Frenkel de Greeuw, Emmanuel Parker Wright, Fir Tiebout